Who We Are

Christian Services aims to help churches meet people’s needs with the love of Jesus Christ. Through Christian Services, church members are putting their faith in action and providing help, hope and God’s love to others. They are building caring relationships with those who are struggling, and moving beyond the expressed need to help address the underlying issues that contribute to poverty and hopelessness.

Christian Services is

  • A strategy developed by local churches to help local churches help their neighbors in need
  • A partnership of local churches working togeather to provide effective help and show God’s love to those in need
  • A collaboration between local churches and their community (agencies, ministries, government and schools) to provide effective help for the disadvantaged
  • A vehicle that helps churches, collectively and individually fulfill their biblical mandate to reach out to people in need

One church alone can’t deal with all the complex issues of poverty. It takes churches working together across denominational lines to meet these multifaceted needs.


Christian Services employs three staff members that are dedicated to creating meaningful connections between the Christian community and those in need.


Jodi Harkema—Director


Michael Welch— Help Center Coordinator


Christian Services Board of Directors

Dave Tebben, President, South Church
Sandy Wriggelsworth, VP, St. Michael's Episcopal
Robert Patterson, Treasurer, Grand Ledge Baptist
Anita Turner, Secretary, Trinity AME
Rich Bruce, New Hope Church
Betsy Gillengerten, Riverview Church
Bob Heriford, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Don Jessup, South Church

Rev. Jeff Johnson, Cedar Street Church
Justin Miller, Crossroads Church

Bishop Michael Williams, Greater Harvest New Testament Church


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